Top 7 Expected Features in iPhone 7

Apple had launched two of its greatest smart phones ever in 2014. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus had boosted the sales of Apple Inc. These smart phones by Apple had got some of the most incredible features that are loved by people despite of their higher range. iPhone 7 rumors are now spreading in the market and there is every possibility that Apple will be launching iPhone 7 soon in 2015. The news for launch of Apple iPhone might be released in the annual Tech fest. Rumors also suggest that Apple iPhone 7 will be installed with iOS 9 as Apple had given some signs that it is working on the new operating system. So, here is the list of some of the most expected Features in Apple iPhone 7.


iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus had a major design change as compared to its predecessor that is iPhone 5S. The design in new iPhone 7 will be kept traditional to previous iPhone models, but still there is every possible chance that Apple will innovate the design in best possible way preserving the traditional design. The iPhone 7 screen can go as big as 5 inches. The phone will be slimmer than iPhone 6 and will have aluminum chassis. Rumors suggest that this smart phone would be made available in Gold, Slate Grey and Silver colors.

Hardware & Software

We can expect the improvement in processor as it is boasted that iPhone 7 will come up with faster A9 processor and might be joined by M9 co-processor. You might see a 2 GB RAM in iPhone 7 by Apple. Rumors also boast about the battery life improvements and the improvements in camera of this smart phone. Apple iPhone 0 is going to have iOS 9 pre-installed on it. iOS 9 will enrich the feature set and functioning of all new Apple iPhone 7.


Apple might provide its new iPhone 7 a sidewall display unit so that the display of this device extends to the sides. It will provide few touch sensitive portions on the display that might have the access to the slide unlock function. Another rumor about the display is touch id display. It means that you might have to go through finger print detection for opening your iPhone device. This will be definitely a bonus to security of your iPhone 7.

Reversible USB Charger

iPhone 7 charger will be designed in bit different manner and this new iPhone charger will be having a lightning connector at one end and reversible USB connector on other end. This will be definitely a new innovation by Apple that will be done on charger.


A better improved camera is expected from iPhone 7 that might be launched in the month of October, 2015. It is rumored that his device will have a 12 MP camera that will support optical image stabilization and will provide better images in low light conditions than before. The front camera might be of 8 MP to capture perfect selfies. You might see Dual LED flash supported by all new iPhone 7 that is yet to be launched by Apple in the tech world.


The storage memory of iPhone 7 will be kept larger. It is expected to come up in different variants of 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. You might see a memory card slot in this Apple iPhone 7. Though, memory card slot in iPhone 7 has very low probability as Apple will not allow any external piece of hardware to harm its software.


The battery of this device is expected to be bigger than before. It might have a monstrous battery of 2600mAh. It will surely offer 20hr talk time in 3G and may support 60hr music play. The standby time of this device will improve to 350hrs.

Final Words

iPhone 7 is one of the best devices by Apple that is yet to comes. Apple will definitely look to improve the features in all new iPhone 7 and the new features of this device will surely surprise you. It will worth eyeing on the price of Apple iPhone 7 that how much the company will raise its price despite launching iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at larger price.